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Global Data Access

Having multiple locations keeps your operations close to different nodes of business, and global data access gives you the power to leverage a worldwide pool of talent. In a distributed business, however, without the right file collaboration software, it’s hard to keep everyone on the same page. Users in London, Melbourne, and New York all need access to the same data sets, but without consistent global file access you can quickly become overwhelmed with file duplication and file sharing challenges.

It's easy with FAST™

Unleash collaborative innovation within your enterprise with FAST™. Provide global data access to all your distributed branch offices worldwide without impacting performance or latency and cut local storage costs by up to 70%.

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Collaborate in Real Time with FAST™

Talon FAST™ enables your business to extend your central cloud data repository to distributed locations anywhere in the world, guarenteeing on-demand global data access. Enjoy all the benefits of the cloud—data tiering, limitless storage, easy scalability, enhanced security, and more—without the compromises of local file replication, slow latency, and massive egress charges. FAST™ allows you to leverage your entire workforce around the world without storing archive data in branch offices.

  • Centralize unstructured data into a central, authoritative data set
  • Provide global data access to distributed locations through Intelligent File Caching
  • Unleash global collaboration within your business with easy file access and sharing capabilities
  • Reduce bandwidth and latency challenges even in your most remote locations

Where to go next?

(AEC) Engineering Worksharing

Provide global access to active project files and ensure file consistency across multiple locations for easy collaboration.

Streamline Software Distribution

Ensure application consistency across all branch offices with easy software deployment.

Centralize Unstructured Data

Create a "Single Set of Data" in the cloud using your existing IT infrastructure.

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Share Files Globally

Ensure File Consistency

Centralize Data

Datasheet / Whitepaper

Learn about the challenges enterprises face with distributed storage and how Talon FAST™ consolidates globally distributed data.

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Customer Success Story

Bringing the data together using Talon FAST™ software allows users to work simultaneously on large project files from any location. And in a disaster recovery situation, you get the business back up and running very, very quickly.

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Talon FAST™/ NetApp—Manufacturing Case Study


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