Enhance Application Workflows

A distributed storage model can create a problematic collaboration and office file sharing experience for your team members. When you’re trying to deliver great services around the globe, you need a file-sharing software that works as fast as you do.

Applications need to perform well at every branch location, not just at those closest to your data center. Poor service performance when accessing massive file sets drags down productivity and makes it hard to stay competitive.

Global Office File Sharing, Optimal Experience

Improved Workflow

The FAST™ fabric helps you deliver an outstanding user experience for any team member, no matter where they are in the world.

  • A FAST™ core instance mounts onto your existing organizational storage, whether it’s in a traditional data center, hybrid cloud, or public cloud environment. FAST™ is then deployed as an edge instance at each branch, creating the FAST™ fabric that transparently extends centralized file shares to every branch.
  • The edge instance maintains its own Intelligent File Cache, keeping active data sets close to the user so they experience immediate access to projects for global office file sharing. A remote copy of the file they’re working on is stored in the Intelligent File Cache.
  • As users work, the FAST™ fabric updates the cache and streams only changes back to the data center, with the core instance compressing and streaming data for fast transit between the data center and the branch. The experience has the look and feel of working from an original file server.
  • The FAST™ global file-locking system allows only one set of changes to upload to the authoritative file copy at any time. Changes made at one branch are streamed back to the data center, and every time another team member wants to update the file, they see the latest, most authoritative version of that file.

Real-Life Success Stories

Find out how the Robert Bird Group improved its application workflow and office file sharing with FAST™. Then, when you’re ready, schedule a demo to see the FAST™ fabric in action.

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Where to go next?

Enterprise-Class File Sharing

Distributed enterprises benefit from creating a "Single Set of Data" using the FAST™ fabric. Data is consistent and coherent for users, and readily accessible from any distributed location in your organization.

High Performance Global Collaboration

FAST™ software-fabric transparently delivers high-performance global enterprise file-sharing. Through global file-locking, 1000's of users can collaborate in real-time by accessing their data through a global, unified namespace, or traditional drive mappings.

Datasheet / Whitepaper

Case Study - Talon FAST™ and NetApp Hybrid Flash storage

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Customer Success Story

The feedback from the locations has been fantastic, with users commenting that they feel like they are working on the LAN, which is exactly what we were aiming for.

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Talon FAST™—Cimpress/Vistaprint Case Study


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