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Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Worksharing

Architecture, engineering and construction enterprises face some of the most demanding file distribution and collaboration challenges of any sector. These organizations work with massive file sets, and the information needs to be available to employees, contractors, branch offices and remote workers based around the world at all times. Any delays or complications in these file sharing efforts will undermine productivity and potentially cost the business massive amounts of money in fines and lost time. Poor data access hurts AEC firms' ability to compete in an increasingly complex global economy.

FAST™ eliminates these challenges.

Talon FAST™ software eliminates the need for these backups by consolidating your data and IT infrastructure and enabling file access via a global data fabric. FAST™'s Intelligent File Caching only stores currently active project data at branch locations and purges the cache regularly, so users are always working on the latest, up-to-date version of a file from a central data set, making distributed backups completely unnecessary.

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Address Worksharing Challenges

Talon FAST™ is designed to address worksharing challenges. With FAST™, AEC firms can ensure that the massive data sets needed by the AEC sector are readily available to all relevant personnel, without sacrificing security or data accuracy. FAST™ ensures local and remote offices have access to a centralized data set with long delays or file version challenges.

BIM Level 2 mandate puts AEC enterprises under increasing pressure to reduce discrepencies in drawings and reports. Now that all central government construction projects in the U.K. will require AEC firms to feature managed 3-D environments and attached data in their proposals, it's become more important than ever for these firms to solve these data access and file consistency challenges. Between AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, and Bentley, AEC firms have to balance BIM regulations and global collaboration, without any errors, which is nearly impossible with most storage vendors.

FAST™ overcomes AEC worksharing challenges and enables you to easily meet your compliance agreements. Unleash global collaboration within your enterprise with consistent global data acess and simplified application workflows without increasing your IT cost or file latency.

The Revit Challenge: Autodesk Revit offers tremendous value for AEC firms, but only when enterprises can avoid performance issues. Where WAN optimization, data replication, and virtual desktop infrastructure have all come up short, Talon FAST™ succeeds. Click here to learn more.

Where to go next?

Global Data Access

Extend a centralized data set to all distributed locations for 24/7 file access.

Streamline Software Distribution

Ensure application consistency across all branch offices with easy software deployment.

Centralize Unstructured Data

Create a "Single Set of Data" in the cloud using your existing IT infrastructure.

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Share Files Globally

Collaborate on Active Projects

Meet Compliance Agreements

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Case Study - Talon FAST™ and NetApp Hybrid Flash storage

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Datasheet / Whitepaper

Case Study - Global manufacturer consolidates unstructured data with Talon FAST™ and NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

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Customer Success Story

We looked at other similar solutions, but the pricing and the comparable performance was not competitive to Talon.

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Talon FAST™/ NetApp—AEC Case Study


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