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Consolidate Data into the Cloud

Create a Single Set of Data in the cloud and leverage data tiering, on-demand capacity, and local file caching through FAST™. Reduce your IT costs and simplify data storage through cloud storage consolidation with FAST™.

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Consolidating Data into the Cloud

One of the biggest challenges that organizations face today is the excessive growth of unstructured data and the inability to centrally manage those data sets efficiently.

IDC estimates that 90 percent of today’s enterprise data is unstructured—accessed and stored across multiple environments, in multiple formats, in locations all over the world. By leveraging the power of the cloud, those enterprises can consolidate the data into the cloud to cut costs and create a globally accessible file system in the cloud.

Cloud storage comes with major benefits like on-demand capacity, easy file access, limitless storage, and reduced IT costs. By pairing it with the FAST™ software solution—designed to handle data centralization and file caching at branch locations—enterprises can create the perfect storage system without sacrificing local branch performance.

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Centralize Unstructured Data

Create a single set of data, and then use FAST™ to extend your file-sharing infrastructure to all your remote sites and branch locations. Store your single data set in a globally accessible cloud platform. FAST™ gives you maximum flexibility.

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Streamline Distributed Storage & Infrastructure

FAST™ is a storage-agnostic solution that works with any SMB infrastructure, so you can adapt your storage solutions as needs change. In almost any environment and alongside almost any storage solution, you can cut storage costs by as much as 70 percent.

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Eliminate Distributed Backup

Rely on a self-sustaining, self-managing cache, and completely eliminate local backups. Intelligent File Cache ensures only the active data your team members need is stored locally, the cache is automatically purged over time, and central copies are stored in the cloud.

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Enterprise Cloud Strategy

Enjoy all the benefits of cloud—demand elasticity, financial control, and reduced physical infrastructure costs—while still delivering a file-sharing experience so good it will feel as though employees are working in the same room, no matter where they are in the world.

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We want to use Talon software in the UK to give those isolated offices faster file access and cut down on circuit and fibre costs outside of London. With Talon software we can optimise the WAN and application usage to continue to cut costs while still providing that local file experience to users. - Jake Fraser (Head of IT)

See how you can leverage FAST™ in a Cloud Environment

Learn more about how FAST™ works with enterprise cloud providers and how you can utilize the power of local file caching to transform how you do business.

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