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We at Talon have the experience and expertise to help small, medium, and enterprise businesses solve the challenges around distributed storage. Whether it is assisting with installation of our Talon FAST™ offerings, Microsoft Windows Server specific aspects, or Microsoft Azure integration, Talon Consultants can help streamline the design and implementation of the FAST™ solution.

Consulting Services
Our consultants are Microsoft and Talon Certified Professionals, have multiple years of hands-on experience with server, storage, virtualization, and network infrastructure, and are able to present specific best practices around enterprise applications suites, including Adobe, Autodesk, Bentley, Dassault Systemes, Microsoft Office, and others.

Based on your specific needs, our consulting services department can custom-fit on-site training sessions or workshops to get your teams ready for the job.


Remote Installation Services
Do you need assistance with the deployment of your Talon FAST™ instances? Talon consultants can help you to deploy your environment in a most effective matter. We will assist you in setting up the Talon instances, on-premise or in the cloud, and ensure an optimal configuration based on the overall requirements and scale of the environment.

Health Check Services
Have you deployed Talon FAST™ and do you want to ensure you’re in a good shape?
Talon consultants may conduct a periodic health check in customers' Talon FAST™ environment. Our consultants will evaluate the deployment strategy, requirements, scalability, and sizing, and align the best practices recommendations so you are ready for the future.

Data Migration Services
Are you looking to consolidate multiple terabytes or petabytes of file data from different branch office locations, local storage devices, or do you need to determine what your active data set look like? Talon’s consultants can assist you with the various data migration scenarios, provide you the tools to understand what your active data set looks like, and conduct capacity planning around the migration towards a single set of data.

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Datasheet / Whitepaper

Read the Talon FAST™ solution overview and learn about the latest advancement in global centralization and consolidation for the modern enterprise.

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Customer Success Story

By moving to a cloud first strategy, which now includes Talon, StorSimple, and Azure, I was able to reduce Cimpress’ overall storage foot-print by 82%.

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