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How the FAST™ Fabric Works

By deploying Talon FAST™ in your distributed enterprise, you bring your islands of unstructured data together. It's the key component which helps to centralize, consolidate, and orchestrate advanced data management within your organization. It's a catalyst that unleashes innovation within your business, fueled by an exceptional global file-sharing and collaboration experience.

Deployment Options

Talon FAST™ software can be deployed in various ways, either on physical hardware or on virtualization platforms including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, or others. Depending on the client’s needs, the software can be architected as a hub-and-spoke, symmetric, or hybrid deployment. The most common topology is a hub-and-spoke deployment, as it is typically used for the purpose of data centralization and consolidation of storage from distributed branch offices into the cloud.

By introducing the Talon FAST™ software and integrating the FAST™ Fabric with cloud storage, all distributed locations can use the centralized storage resources as if they were local. The result is a single, centralized storage footprint, versus a distributed storage architecture that requires local data management, backup, security management, storage, and infrastructure footprint, etc. in each location.

The FAST™ Fabric: Highly Scalable & Flexible

Talon FAST™ is storage agnostic, so the software-based solution transparently fits any IT environment. You can continue to use your existing local branch infrastructure while FAST™ immediately extends the value of your central cloud storage to your distributed locations.

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The FAST™ Fabric: Building Blocks

In a nutshell, the Talon FAST™ software is deployed at datacenter and branch office locations and extends your cloud storage platform through the FAST™ fabric, which creates an intelligent file caching software appliance at each location, running on Microsoft Windows Server. The software overlays the Microsoft Windows File Sharing mechanism, fully integrating with the Microsoft security principles like Active Directory, ACLs, and NTFS permissions, and allows it to work at a global scale, even in locations that are challenged with low bandwidth or high latency.

  • Flexible: Storage agnostic, works with existing commodity hardware and most major cloud providers.
  • Intelligent: Caches only what’s needed at the branch (active dataset)
  • Zero-touch: Automatically purges stale cached files over time (LRU)
  • Performant: Compresses, streams, and reduces data egress charges
  • Consistent: Distributed file-locking in the cloud for enterprise applications

FAST™ Core Instance

  • The FAST™ fabric originates with a core instance deployed in the cloud, either as a software installation package or as a virtual appliance template. Depending on your requirements, you can deploy one or more core instances to create the FAST™ fabric.

FAST™ Edge Instance(s)

  • In addition to this core instance, you deploy FAST™ configured as an edge instance in your branch offices, either as a software installation package or as a virtual appliance template. These edge instances connect directly to the core instance, which streams and compresses data flows to overcome latency and bandwidth issues.

FAST™ Virtual File Share & Intelligent File Cache

  • Once integrated into the FAST™ fabric, edge instances create virtualized file shares that transparently present centralized file storage to the branch. Each edge instance also creates an Intelligent File Cache, stored and automatically managed on an NTFS volume, keeping active datasets close to users, purging inactive data when it’s no longer needed, and making it easy to manage and scale the cache as distributed locations expand.

FAST™ Global File Locking

  • Global file-locking ensures that only one user at a time can make changes to the authoritative file copy in the cloud. The FAST™ fabric updates the branch office cache and only streams changes to the central cloud repository. Unmanageable numbers of file versions, performance bottlenecks, and corrupt files become a thing of the past.

The Result

  • FAST™ centralizes and consolidates unstructured data workloads
  • Provides a transparent SMB interface via the Talon FAST™ Fabric
  • Software-Defined Storage and data management (LUNs, Volumes, ACLs, NTFS Permissions) using cloud deployment
  • Leverages Data Deduplication, Compression, and Volume Encryption
  • Integrates with Microsoft Active Directory authentication and authorization
  • Integrates with business continuity solutions (RTO/RPO) for snapshots, backup/restore and archive
  • Ensures Disaster recovery using LRS/GRS storage models and FAST™ Fabric clustering
  • Transparently extends central file storage to distributed locations, integrating the Talon FAST™ intelligent file cache at the edge and virtualization platforms, including Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere
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