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Creating a Global Data Fabric

Talon FAST™ software allows you to leverage the power of the cloud and simplify local branch office IT while cutting your IT and egress costs. Through local file caching you can store active data locally, eliminating the need for extensive on-premise storage systems.

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Software-defined Storage for the Cloud

Talon FAST™ software simplifies enterprise data management by consolidating unstructured data and distributed IT into a central storage platform. The FAST™ solution allows enterprises to leverage the power of the cloud for data tiering, on-demand storage, scalable infrastructure, and more while reducing local branch office IT costs and egress charges.

Learn more about how Talon FAST™ addresses enterprise storage challenges through a global data fabric, enabling seamless control and access to your data, all while cutting your IT costs and enhancing security.

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What is the Talon FAST™ Fabric ?

  Software solution that enables enterprises to centralize file storage into a “Single Set of Data”

  Centralizes your data into your public or hybrid cloud platform

  Eliminates complexity, storage, infrastructure, and backups at the branch

  Delivers instant enterprise global file sharing with distributed file locking in the cloud

  Ensure a high performance experience at all geographically distributed locations

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Software Subscription

All of Talon's FAST™ solutions are available via software subscription, providing unbeatable cost efficiency and the simplest IT management for enterprises around the world.

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Product Requirements

Talon's FAST™ software can be deployed on customers' existing hardware or virtualization infrastructure in every case, as long as they meet our base-level requirements.

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FAST™ has been great. New technologies like VR scanning are becoming more of a possibility every day, so we will eventually integrate those technologies into our system, and FAST™ will help us keep the data under control. - Alex Coljee (Head of IT)

See how you can leverage FAST™ in your own Storage Environment

Learn more about how FAST™ works with enterprise cloud providers and how you can utilize the power of local file caching to transform how you do business.

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