Cache Active Data with FAST™

Talon FAST™ software combines the best of Microsoft Windows Server with Talon's unique Intelligent File Caching technology. FAST™ drastically reduces storage and infrastructure costs through streaming, compression, and delta differencing to diminish complexity for distributed storage environments.

FAST™ ensures a high performance experience to all your users, regardless of location, distance, bandwidth, or latency.

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Talon FAST™

File Acceleration & Storage-Caching Techology™

Talon FAST™ software helps organizations to modernize their distributed storage. The solution allows enterprises to centralize and consolidate unstructured data into on-premise, hybrid, or public cloud datacenters while caching active data to offices globally.

Discover Talon FAST™, a software based solution that creates software-defined storage fabric, transparently extending your on-premise or cloud datacenter file storage to your distributed branch offices.

Learn more about the FAST™ Fabric

What is the Talon FAST™ Fabric ?

  Software solution that enables enterprises to centralize file storage into a “Single Set of Data”

  Centralizes your data into customer’s traditional or cloud (integrated) datacenter

  Eliminates complexity, storage, infrastructure, and backups at the branch

  Delivers instant Enterprise Global File-Sharing with Distributed File-Locking

  Ensure a High performance experience at all geographically distributed locations

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Our CEO has a vision to grow nationally and internationally over the next few years. We say 'bring it on.' We can now access files anywhere without performance worry.

Software Subscription

All of Talon's FAST™ solutions are available via software subscription, providing unbeatable cost efficiency and the simplest IT management for enterprises around the world.

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Product Requirements

Critically, Talon's FAST™ software can be deployed on customers' existing hardware or virtualization infrastructure in every case, as long as they meet our base-level requirements.

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