Modern enterprises face the ever-increasing growth of unstructured data worldwide. New compliance requirements, SLAs, and end user needs demand an ever increasing network of infrastructure to deliver data where it needs to go. Cloud consolidation is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Cloud storage is a crucial part of data management in the modern age. Without a strong cloud strategy, enterprises will falter under the burden of unstructured data. Talon FAST™ software addresses these challenges by enabling your cloud consolidation strategies and leveraging the power of local file caching to ensure your data is centralized and secure.

Talon To Feature Cloud Storage Consolidation Technology at NetApp Insight 2019

Talon FAST™ for the full NetApp Cloud suite on display at upcoming NetApp Insight conference

on October 22nd, 2019

Mount Laurel, NJ – October 22, 2019 - Talon, a leader in next generation software-defined storage solutions enabling global enterprises to centralize and consolidate IT storage infrastructure, today announced that it will be showcasing its award-winning technology for cloud storage consolidation at NetApp Insight 2019, October 28 - 30 in Las Vegas. Talon, located in Booth #406, is a sponsor of the event.

Talon will be showcased during a presentation by means of a customer success story and technical demonstration. Microsoft’s Geert van Teylingen and NetApp’s Kirk Ryan will co-present the session titled “Migrate the unmigratable: Running complex file workloads in Azure” on Monday, October 28th at 2:30 pm local time.

Talon and NetApp jointly provide customers with seamless global access to centralized, resilient, and secure storage repositories based upon the entire NetApp suite (Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Cloud Volumes Services, or Microsoft’s Azure NetApp Files) regardless of user geography or location, and without the need for distributed file servers, replication, or synchronization.

“We continue to get inquiries from enterprise clients to review alternatives for consolidating distributed storage infrastructure into a consolidated cloud platform, as they look to leverage the flexibility, scale and security of these offerings for their global users," said Greg Schulz, founder of analyst firm Server StorageIO. “Our published research has shown that there’s fundamental ROI economic model which should be able to consistently deliver reduced operating costs, with reduced risk, from implementations such as this."

Talon FAST™ enables a global fabric giving virtually any enterprise location the ability to seamlessly access cloud-based file shares as they traditionally have their local file servers, without requiring changes to user experience or workflow. The combination of a distributed network file system, intelligent caching and global locking allows globally distributed enterprises to operate under a central storage system view. This ability to centralize data has proven to deliver significant benefits as enterprises decommission costly-to-maintain file servers around the globe.
“Some of the most demanding users of unstructured data in the world have been relying on NetApp technology in their datacenter for years. We’re finding that the confidence resulting from the ability to continue this – but in a cloud dynamic – is very meaningful to them as they continue to look for ways to leverage cloud infrastructure,” said Charles Foley, SVP, Talon. “Using Talon FAST to extend Cloud Volumes ONTAP, Cloud Volume Services, or Azure NetApp Files resources to users anywhere in the world removes the cost, risk, and burden of managing on-prem file servers while delivering both documented ROI benefits and the stability/security available from today’s major hyperscalers.”

Talon will be featured prominently at Insight, both in its sponsored booth, and in the NetApp Partner Theatre in the October 28th session at 1:15pm regarding Cloud Storage Consolidation. Talon will also be included in a presentation of Microsoft’s Azure NetApp Files use-cases and benefits.
Talon FAST™ is available as a site based annual subscription from Talon’s global network of partners, or directly via authorized cloud marketplaces.

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