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As a global leader in next generation software-defined storage solutions, Talon provides an unparalleled file-sharing experience throughout globe-spanning enterprises. Our software allows you to leverage the power of the cloud with data tiering, on-demand storage, and hyperscaling while creating a global data fabric through FAST™. Unleash global collaboration without sacrificing security or speed. Turn your existing infrastructure into a next-generation platform that meets your every security, collaboration, and centralization need with Talon FAST™.

The Challenge

Are you managing "Islands of Data?"
Learn how to recognize these challenges and how address them once and for all. This video highlights the IT infrastructure and business workflow challenges that are a result of this decentralized model.

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The FAST™ Fabric

90% of your data is provisioned and managed at the branch, but it shouldn't stay there. Watch how the FAST™ Fabric helps you to integrate your distributed offices with your traditional or cloud datacenter by only caching what's needed at the branch.

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Cloud Integration

FAST™ transparently integrates into your existing environment. Leverage the power of the cloud to create a global data fabric with FAST™. Take advantage of data tiering, limitless storage, and on-demand capacity while maintaining your local branch experience.

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