Centralize and Secure Application Data | Talon FAST™

Cloud Consolidation with NetApp and Talon FAST™

Talon and NetApp's proven solution strategy allows enterprises to centralize and consolidate unstructured data while leveraging a software fabric that caches “active data” sets in distributed offices globally. Manage your centralized data sets and extend your data to remote locations via a global data fabric running on your existing commodity hardware. NetApp and FAST™ guarentee transparent data access to meet your security and consolidation goals in your enterprise.

NetApp Data Fabric and Talon FAST™

Talon FAST™ software and NetApp help global enterprises solve challenges around distributed and datacenter file storage by centralizing and consolidating distributed enterprise data into a centralized cloud platform. Deploy FAST™ and NetApp software on your existing local and cloud storage environments while simplifying data and infrastructure management at the edge. The NetApp and Talon solution ensures high-performance global access to your data from a centralized cloud data set.

A Proven Enterprise Data Storage Partnership

If you're already a NetApp customer, or if you're looking for ways to consolidate enterprise data storage and management, NetApp and FAST™ can cut your storage costs by up to 70%. They're the cost-cutting partners you've been waiting for—and together they'll deliver an experience your users will love.

What NetApp and FAST™ Provides for your Enterprise

Manages critical unstructured data in the cloud and reduces your storage footprint, while simplifying management and cutting storage costs

Provides an integrated cloud platform that guarantees maximum flexibility and control across multiple storage environments

Provides simplified management of a highly available data storage environment

Deploys and manages storage across a wide range of architectures, future-proofing your data infrastructure

Completes your cloud storage platform by providing high-performance access to centralized storage for all global users

Provides local caching of active data sets to your remote locations that allows you to meet your security and compliance agreements


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