Centralize and Secure Application Data | Talon FAST™

Cloud Consolidation with Microsoft Azure and Talon FAST™

You use Microsoft in your environnments for data management and application workflows to ensure file access across your distributed sites. Leverage that existing infrastucture and adopt a centralization and consolidate strategy in your existing environments with a Microsoft and Talon solution.

Microsoft Azure and Talon FAST™

If you're using Microsoft Azure to support your evolution to a cloud-first strategy, FAST™ ensures that you get more from Azure-compatible cloud storage for business. From Microsoft StorSimple, Azure Files and Azure Disk, to third-party solutions like NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP, you can experience seamless global file access in your remote sites. Whether it's on-premise, hybrid, or public cloud storage, FAST™ is Microsoft-centric and smoothly integrates into Microsoft-based environments. Utilize FAST™ alongside your existing Microsoft storage solutions and consolidate data into your datacenter or cloud platform and simplify data management across your business.

A Proven Enterprise Data Storage Partnership

If you're already a Microsoft customer, or if you're looking for ways to consolidate enterprise data storage and management, Microsoft and FAST™ can cut your storage costs by up to 70%. They're the cost-cutting partners you've been waiting for—and together, they'll deliver an experience your users will love.

What Microsoft and FAST™ Provides for your Enterprise

Guarentees global access to file data through a centralized data set, drastically improving application workflows and remote site collaboration

Provides the scalable, pay-as-you-go flexibility of public cloud resources within a familiar Microsoft environment

Simplifies data and IT infrastructure branch management by consolidating data into a global cloud platform

Connects your distributed locations to centralized data sets within the Microsoft Azure Cloud, hybrid cloud, or traditional datacenter

Cuts storage costs by eliminating legacy data center storage and providing infinite scalability to meet your business data growth needs

Eliminates branch office backups in your remote sites and ensures access to active project data through local file caching on your existing commodity hardware


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